Nets of Logs


For open fires we recommend Hardwood – Hardwood is denser than Softwood so has a higher heat content or calorific value. Despite providing a more efficient fuel source, Hardwood can be difficult to ignite from cold. Therefore we recommend Softwood kindling to get a fire started, the resinous and fibrous nature of Softwood helping it to burn from cold. Once a fire is established and there is some heat in the base of the fire, it should be fuelled with Hardwood to maintain a slow burning fire with a good heat output.

For Fire Pits and Chimeneas we recommend Softwood – Softwood refers to lumber that has been cut from a coniferous or an evergreen tree. Softwoods are frequently used as building materials. Softwoods are easier to light, which makes them ideal for a quick, occasional fire to gather around.