Nets of Kindling £3.50

Bulk nets of logs and Kindling, wholesale or domestic, loose cubic meter loads of softwood or hardwood available. Kindling refers to small pieces of wood the size of twigs or branches that are easily combustible. Kindling is used to start a fire and to let the larger logs really catch alight. Generally, Kindling is taken from larger logs and cut into smaller pieces. Good Kindling has been dried to a level that ensures maximum ignition. Kindling is an important and cost-effective way to build a fire that burns strong with maximum output and a minimum of smoke.

Purchasing Kindling from a reputable company such as ensures that this is free of the chemicals that can impair and damage chimneys and wood stoves. Our Kindling is naturally dried and cut to ensure it has reached the ideal level of dryness to spark and grow a flame into a roaring fire.